CLFMA OF INDIA along with Broiler Co-ordination Committee organized a Seminar “Surging Ahead” on 3rd May, 2024 at Legend Hall, The Residency Towers, Avinashi Road, P. N. Palayam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

CLFMA of India organized a successful seminar along with BCC at The Residency Tower, Legend Hall, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore, on Friday, May 3rd, 2024 from 06:30 pm onwards. The theme of the seminar was “Surging Ahead Towards the Next Level: Contributing to the Five Trillion Economy.”

Mr. R. Ramkutty, Zonal President – South of CLFMA, extended a warm welcome to all participants at the seminar. He provided insights into the challenges confronting the poultry industry.
Following this, Mr. Suresh Deora, Chairman of CLFMA of India, introduced the theme “Surging Ahead” and extended a gracious welcome to all attendees.

The Presidential address and moderation of the deliberations were carried out by Mr. R. Lakshmanan, Chairman of BCC and Managing Committee Member of CLFMA of India.
CLFMA Dy. Chairman Mr. Divya Kumar Gulati introduced Mr. Reece H. Cannady, Director of the US Grains Council. He delivered an insightful presentation titled “Emerging Trends and Challenges in Grains.” Overall, the presentation provided a comprehensive overview of the current trends and challenges in the grains market, with a focus on corn, ethanol, DDGS, and freight logistics.

CLFMA Hon. Secretary, Mr. Abhay Shah introduced Mr. Amit Sachdev, Regional Consultant at the US Grains Council. He presented an in-depth analysis titled “India Corn Outlook.” Overall, Mr. Amit Sachdev’s presentation provided valuable insights into the current dynamics and future prospects of the corn market in India, addressing key factors such as demand drivers, supply challenges, and potential areas for development.

CLFMA Treasurer Mr. Nissar F. Mohammed introduced Mr. Jaison John, India Team Lead at USSEC & Managing Committee Member of CLFMA OF INDIA. Mr. Jaison John emphasized that rising raw material prices will lead to higher food prices and potentially lower food quality. He suggested that importing genetically modified (GM) raw materials could be one viable solution. He delivered a comprehensive presentation titled “Protein Meals: Present, Future Trends, and Challenges.” In his presentation, he highlighted India’s progression towards maturity in food demand and outlined strategies to address protein challenges, particularly through initiatives like the Soy Excellence Centre program. He also discussed the expansion of US soybean crush capacity and the expected impact on soybean meal production. Additionally, he touched upon the National Oil Mission and rapeseed production scenarios, providing comprehensive insights into the future of protein meals in India.

Mr. R. Ramkutty, CLFMA South Zone President introduced Dr. T. Bina, Director of the Happy Valley Business School. She delivered a compelling presentation titled “Professionalism in Family Business.” Throughout her presentation, she delved into the intricate life cycle of family businesses, exploring various stages and challenges. Dr. T. Bina supplemented her insights with enlightening case studies that exemplified real-world scenarios and lessons learned within family-owned enterprises.

The Question-and-Answer session concluded on a high note, characterized by its interactivity and engagement. Following this enriching exchange, Mr. Divya Kumar Gulati, Deputy Chairman of CLFMA of India, delivered a gracious Vote of Thanks, expressing gratitude to all participants for their active involvement and contributions. Subsequently, the seminar transitioned seamlessly into a dinner session, fostering continued networking among the attendees. Overall, the seminar was a resounding success, with nearly 75 members and delegates in attendance, reflecting the enthusiasm and interest surrounding the event.

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