The Days of Golden Eggs – Ahead!

The Poultry Federation of India excelled in the recent function that was grandly organized on 22nd December 2022 at Hotel Hyatt, Chandigarh. Despite several challenging conditions and environments, the attendance was immense with people managing to come from far and wide. The weather conditions and the delayed/canceled fights could not prevent many who braved against all odds. It appeared like many of them found it a good idea to participate and interact with fellow Poultry personalities after a long gap due to the pandemic. The programs were very well organized to keep the participants well captivated all through the day. Many valid points were communicated effectively to the relevant ministers and officials to use the platform to the best. Most of them expressed immense satisfaction with the entire program in spite of the expected hurdles.

The Egg industry can grab the newly available opportunity of a shortage of eggs in domestic and international markets. The shortage of eggs in Mumbai city of up to 10 Million per day is only the tip of the iceberg. The farmers must invest in better quality eggs both for the domestic and international markets. Antibiotic-free, clean, and hygienic eggs are the future for the wise farmers of the future. Invest now in Management, Nutrition, and technology and have the world of the future available to Indian farmers. Tamil Nadu successfully exported eggs to Malaysia – this is just the beginning. The whole of the country can do that being the second largest egg producer in the world. It is for our farmers to encash on this Days of Golden Eggs – Ahead!

A very sad moment for the industry especially in North India relating to the sudden demise of Dr. SK Khanna. He was an exemplary personality with no second in honesty, devotion, and service to the industry. A person who was always selfless and unconditional in offering help to the farmers in distress. He will be genuinely missed by the poultry fraternity.

The Current Foreign Minister is a sensation in Europe, America, Russia, and China among scores of other countries. The clearly biased vested external western media- who projected Indians as only snake charmers, poor, pathetic set of people was more a false exaggeration to fuel their own ego of superiority. The media was highly responsible for this. They were hard-wired to such an extent that only a negative narration of India had immediate acceptance. As the world evolved in liberal communication (Social Media), it has let the “Can of worms” out immediately. The luxuries erstwhile, enjoyed only by the dominant media who molded the public view not only got diluted but also exposed completely. Today media itself has exposed itself to vested reporting and manipulating public views. It’s indeed a pathetic situation for many media houses who have lost a great level of respect from the people who considered them with great faith and trust. Today the media has become a bad word as they are highly commercial and have lost ethics.

Pakistan has crafted its own dismal future. In the name of Kashmir, the army continues to create fear and terror in the minds of their own people and so justifying billions of dollars into the army’s coffers. A country created out of deceit, struggling desperately to seek identity- either in Arabs, Mughals, Turks, Pathans, and a score more except the truth that they all were once Hindus. Pakistan seeks identity as a leader of the Muslim World. The Arabs classify the others with various other names and least regard for the Muslims in this part of the world. Actually, the Arabs look at Pakistani Muslims with contempt due to their falsehood in the name of religion. The Indonesians respect their past and are clear about their future- there is clarity, so they preserve the culture. Pakistanis have a clear identity crisis. After separating themselves from Hindu India, they are desperately looking for a surrogate Identity. There is an immense divide within themselves – Punjabis, Pashtuns, Baluchs, Pathans, Sindhis, and several more tribe and each like to identify with one or the other- in the process, they are holding a finger on the self-destruct button and each one calls the other worthy of beheading. Enemies of Pakistan need to do nothing proactively- watch the patiently from a distance and they would soon destroy themselves – the process has already started.  The innocent Pakistani people are kept ignorant and illiterate and the educated few are brainwashed to the hilt by the clever top brass so much so that they are completely oblivious to the real facts. Some of the Pakistanis who have left their country seeking safer prospects understand this but are helpless with the military dictatorship ruling the country either directly or through the veil of installed democracy. It is so sad that all the thousands of children rolled out of Madrasas only to be used as a pawn in the chess coins. Poverty and illiteracy is the root cause of this tragedy. In India the easy and highly affordable digitization and access to various social media have instilled knowledge and awareness even in the common man on the street- this is a revolutionary change that even the world is observing in the case of India. Democracy will be a miserable failure if the people who vote are not aware and ignorant of the facts themselves.

As the world’s largest, vibrant democracy, India is a shining example next to none for an evolving successful democracy. It is not yet time to celebrate as we are still miles away and it is a continuous process of development.