Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health – South Asia Celebrates World Egg Day and Chicken Day

World Egg Day is the second Friday of every October, and Chicken Day in India falls on the second Thursday of the month. To celebrate, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – South Asia organized multiple events this year, including: 

  • Employee webinar on the importance of protein in people’s diets
  • “Fastest Fingers” quiz for employees
  • Live egg counter
  • Eggshell crafts competition
  • Facebook campaign

Appreciating protein begins with understanding the importance of it in humans’ daily diets. Kemin South Asia organized a webinar session with Dr. Yamini, a chief dietician, to reiterate the importance of egg and chicken consumption. 

The virtual quiz, “Fastest Fingers”, invited employees to answer posted questions about eggs, with those answering fastest being rewarded. 

Kemin set up a food stall on its office lawn where employees could enjoy egg-based dishes, and the business unit offered a menu comprised of six recipes that incorporate eggs: egg roast, egg podimas, egg kalakki, eggs sunny side up, eggs with salt and pepper and half-boiled eggs. 

For the eggshell crafts competition, five teams were asked to recreate “work from home episodes” using eggshells. The final products showed thoughtful and funny moments from Kemin South Asia’s work-from-home days. Dr. Tanweer Alam, Dr. Santosh and Dr. Sugumar judged the five entries and prizes were distributed to the winning team. 

Along with these internal events, Kemin ran a three-day social media campaign that included two videos around the theme, “Eggs for All: Nature’s Perfect Package”. The campaign reached 617,000 users, garnered 408,000 video views, and generated 223,000 engagements.

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