Zamira Australia Hosts Cocci Clinic in Karnal advancing poultry health

Zamira Australia, an expert in Coccidiosis, organised a successful Cocci Clinic at Vivaan Hotel & Resorts in Karnal in collaboration with channel partner, Univet. The event brought together esteemed industry stakeholders and consultants to focus on Gut Health Analysis, Differential Diagnosis, and Scientific Approaches for managing Coccidiosis and Necrotic Enteritis in the Indian and Philippine poultry industries.

Event Overview: The seminar began with a warm welcome from Dr. Shaveta Sood, Zamira’s Chief Commercial Officer, South Asia. She provided an overview of Zamira Australia’s progress since its establishment as a feed additive supplier in 2008, highlighting the company’s expansion and brand renewal in 2023, and sharing the company’s mission to improve the health, wellbeing, and productivity of animals through detection, prevention, and treatment. With a versatile team of 40 members across South Asia and Southeast Asia, Zamira exports its product range to over 10 countries. Dr. Shaveta emphasised Zamira’s commitment to improving animal health through rigorous quality control and premium packaging.

Dr. Shaveta shared Zamira’s mission to enhance the health, wellbeing, and productivity of animals through detection, prevention, and treatment. She emphasised the efficacy of Zamira products through a three-tiered approach to quality, which includes manufacturing expertise with long-standing partnerships, rigorous quality control, and continuous quality assurance. Zamira also invests in premium-quality packaging to maintain product quality, freshness, efficacy, and stability. Dr. Shaveta concluded this commitment to quality has earned Zamira the trust of Asia’s largest agricultural groups.

Expert Sessions:

  • Introduction & Technical Insights: Dr. Sujit Kulkarni, Business Development Consultant, introduced and facilitated the technical experts and shared his experiences from his time at Biomin, underlining the importance of quality parameters.
  • Experts from The Chicken Doctors: Dr. Chris Patawaran and Dr. Antonio Augustus, both Diplomates of the Philippines College of Poultry Practitioners, led the seminar. Dr. Chris has two decades of experience in the industry, having held various roles at Cargill, Schering Plough Animal Health, and MSD. Dr. Antonio Augustus brings extensive experience and expertise from his tenure at companies such as Elanco, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Zoetis.
  • Philippine vs. Indian Market: Dr. Chris began his discussion by addressing frequently asked questions from Indian customers about the Philippine poultry market. He highlighted key differences in per capita consumption, noting that it stands at 15.3 kg in the Philippines compared to 7 kg in India. Additionally, he provided insights into the cost of production in both markets. Dr. Chris further elaborated on various farm scenarios in the Philippines, shedding light on prevalent biosecurity issues and common diseases affecting poultry. His comprehensive analysis helped bridge the knowledge gap between the two markets, offering valuable context and understanding for industry stakeholders.
  • Coccidiosis Management: 

Dr. Chris provided a detailed overview of Coccidiosis, focusing on the life cycle of Eimeria spp. and the lesions they cause in birds’ intestines. He elaborated on the development of Eimeria spp. during a broiler’s growth, noting different peak stages. He highlighted that a single oocyst could produce 250,000 progenies in four weeks.

Dr. Chris discussed the pathogenicity of various Eimeria strains and species, emphasising the importance of addressing subclinical Coccidiosis, which damages enteric epithelial cells and leads to poor performance. He noted the challenges of diagnosing this disease and the varying efficacy of assessment tools.

Regarding control methods, Dr. Chris covered both in-feed and vaccination approaches, detailing available anticoccidials, including chemicals, ionophores, and combinations. He discussed challenges such as coccidia leakage and potential cross-resistance among ionophores.

Dr. Chris emphasised the importance of scientific methods for rotation and shuttle programs to restore anticoccidial efficacy and limit resistance buildup. He outlined the “Golden Rules” for effective Coccidiosis Management, including optimal durations for ionophores, chemicals, and combinations, and discussed various rotation models for consecutive flocks.

Additionally, Dr. Chris stressed understanding inputs for a successful Necrotic Enteritis (NE) control program, such as feed formulations, raw materials, sensitivity to AGPs, and appropriate dosing. He recommended season-wise rotation programs and emphasised the importance of lesion scoring for optimal results.

  • Necrotic Enteritis & Future Challenges: 

Dr. Antonio discussed the medicines and vaccination programs in the Philippines and India, providing a detailed checklist for disease treatment and control. He led discussions on the differential diagnosis of Necrotic Enteritis and the evolution of lesions. He highlighted various nutritional and non-nutritional factors affecting Coccidiosis and explained reasons for low antibiotic sensitivity.

Dr. Antonio shared insights from different case studies observed during visits to India and the Philippines, offering practical solutions. He also discussed future challenges, including emerging strains and species of Eimeria with different prepatent periods, posing significant threats to poultry health. He emphasised the dynamic nature of Eimeria genomes, potentially influenced by hybridisation events or subunit vaccines, and their significant impact on enteric ecosystems.

Zamira Product Range Overview: Dr. Sajid Hussain, Techno-Commercial Manager for North and East, summarised the seminar discussions and detailed Zamira’s product range, focusing on the ZamiAdd, ZamiCocci, and ZamiBoost portfolios. He highlighted the impact of micro granulation on product bioavailability and performance in the market.

Acknowledgements: Zamira Australia recognised the efforts of its channel partners. Special thanks were extended to Mr. Avneet Singh and his team at Univet for their support, and Mr. Parvesh from Sneha Pharma for distributing Zamityl in the Northern market.

Conclusion: The event concluded with a vote of thanks from Mr. Shriraj Sirmokadam, National Sales Manager for Zamira in India, emphasising the Cocci Clinic’s success in fostering valuable conversations, networking, and knowledge exchange among industry professionals.

Contact Information: For more information, please contact:

Dr. Shaveta Sood

Chief Commercial Officer

Zamira Australia South Asia



Zamira is an Australian animal health business with a mission to improve the health, wellbeing and productivity of animals through detection, prevention & treatment​.

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