Glamac International Hosts Seminar on Optimizing Bird Performance and Combating Antimicrobial Resistance

Glamac International Pvt. Ltd., a leader in the poultry feed additive industry, regularly conducts seminars on impactful topics. Glamac recently held a highly successful seminar on the critical topic of “Optimizing Bird Performance to Sustain in the Industry & Overcoming Antimicrobial Resistance.” The seminar took place on June 7, 2024, at the Sayaji Hotel in Raipur, attracting a diverse audience of poultry farmers, distributors, poultry consultants, feed manufacturers, and key industry accounts.

The programmed was graced by renowned speaker Dr. D. Chandrasekaran, a retired professor from the Department of Animal Nutrition at TANUVAS. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Dr. Chandrasekaran provided invaluable insights into the challenges and solutions for optimizing bird performance and tackling antimicrobial resistance—issues of paramount importance in today’s poultry industry.

The program was meticulously orchestrated by AGM Technical and Marketing, Dr. Sumon Nag Chowdhury, whose expertise ensured a seamless and engaging seminar. Dr. Sumon mentioned, “Due to enormous population growth over the last few decades there has been an increasing need for economical & secure supply of protein sources. The major, most affordable & quality animal protein sources are eggs & chicken and sustainable chicken farming has become very important.” The proceedings commenced with a comprehensive company introduction by Founder & Managing Director, Mr. Abir Mukherjee. Mr. Mukherjee highlighted Glamac International’s commitment to innovation, quality, and industry leadership, setting a positive tone for the evening.

Following the introduction, Dr. Chandrasekaran took the stage, delivering a detailed presentation that delved into the topic, latest strategies, and best practices for enhancing bird performance. His discussion covered a range of topics, from nutritional advancements to management practices aimed at reducing dependence on antibiotics and promoting sustainable growth.

The seminar also featured an interactive question-and-answer session, coordinated by Dr. Rahul Mogale Product manager, allowing attendees to engage directly with Dr. Chandrasekaran and gain further clarity on the topics discussed. This session fostered a collaborative atmosphere, encouraging the exchange of ideas and experiences among industry professionals.

With Glamac’s quest for innovation and R&D, Mr. Mukherjee presented two innovative natures blends of Glamac. CYNKA HBR – an antidiarrheal & antimicrobial and Gut Health Modulator which can outrightly replace the AGP or Halquinol to create a new era of antibiotic free chicken & egg in India. Other one is Panbonis- Vitamin D3 metabolites, the global brand from Herbonis Switzerland. Vitamin D3 metabolites – new natural element in animal nutrition.

The event concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks by Mr. Vinod Mishra – AGM Sales for North and South. Mr. Mishra expressed gratitude to all participants for their active involvement and contributions, acknowledging the collective effort done by the team & mainly to Mr. Upendra Dwivedi Area Sales Manager -MP & Chhattisgarh in organizing the seminar.

Glamac International is honoured to have sparked this vital and timely conversation with partners & clients and will continue to conduct such informative seminars. Glamac is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions in the poultry industry & reinforcing its position as a leader in innovation and excellence.

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