2024 Livestock Taiwan brings the Future and Revolution in the Industry

Livestock Taiwan Expo & Forum, the dedicated exhibition for the livestock industry Asia, brings the latest revolution in technologies and the future opportunities in this business.  The 8th exhibition of Livestock Taiwan is not only the leading exhibition in the market but a larger-scale and more content-rich event in livestock industry in Taiwan.   The event will take place at ICC Tainan, from June 19th to 21st, 2024, running concurrently with Aquaculture Taiwan and Asia Agri-tech Expo & Forum.

This year, Livestock Taiwan is going to be held in Taiwan’s southern city, Tainan, instead of the metropolitan Taipei.  Tainan, known as the hub of agricultural innovation in Taiwan, provides a vibrant ecosystem for advancements in the livestock and aquaculture sectors.  

With its extensive exhibitor lineup featuring leading companies, the event offers a comprehensive showcase, differentiated by Pavilions.  In addition to Taiwan Pavilion, Netherland Pavilion and Denmark Pavilion of country specific expertise in the exhibition, Pavilions are also organized by  

  • Livestock Equipment Zone is the largest Pavilion among all, introducing state-of-the-art products such as new multi-level egg-laying chickens cages; intelligent single-crate feeding management system for sows that helps increase feed intake and monitor sow activities, fully automated egg grading, washing and packaging system, etc.  It also has a separate theme pavilion organized by the Taiwan well known applied technology research institute, displaying waste resources recycling, wastewater and odor management, biogas application, aiming for sustainable and environmental friendly goals.
  • Feed Technology Zone has the most exhibitors which has the latest advanced and various feed machineries, feed alternative raw materials and feed additives.   Over 1000 animal nutrition, additives, vaccines address piglet diarrhea, respiratory syndrome, providing gut health protection, disease prevention, immunity enhancement and heat stress relief.  The zone receives strong supports from Taiwan’s veterinary medicine & health care associations.
  • Dairy Pavilion provides Dairy technology, equipment, total mixed ration, compost stacker and science of bacteriology and process.  Besides, there is the newly developed intelligent dairy cow facial recognition and positing system and management system that address to the labor shortages in nowadays industry.

As part of the expo, a series of professional conferences will be held, addressing key issues and emerging trends in livestock and aquaculture industries, which include “Taiwan Swine – Precision Farming and Management”, “Forum of Advanced Poultry House”, “Precision Prevention Mediation for Animals Forum”, etc.  Attendees can expect valuable insights, practical knowledge, and networking opportunities from industry experts and thought leaders.

“We are thrilled to announce the relocation of Livestock Taiwan to Tainan this year.” said Ms. Sabine Liu, General Manager of the organizer. “Tainan has the reputation as a cluster for agricultural production which include livestock and aquaculture products.  With the location advantage, it reduces the local travelling efforts from the local exhibitors and visitors and brings a variety of new and innovative products to participants from all over the world.  We anticipate a successful expo, attracting both domestic and international visitors.”

The expo has already garnered significant support. Notable brands such as MOBA, Alltech, Jeida,  Biowon, Vetnostrum, Kanvergen, Reber, Total Nutrition, and AGI have confirmed their participation, further highlighting the expo’s importance in the industry.

For any interest or enquiries of Livestock Taiwan, please visit the official website at: https://www.agritechtaiwan.com  or contact Ms. Sophia Lu by phone at +886-2-2738-3839 or via email to: aat.sales@informa.com

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